The Buck Syndicate Services

The Buck Syndicate Services include everything needed to help start-up, small and medium sized businesses in the St. Louis, MO area.

Jack Buck III, President of The Buck Syndicate, focuses on developing and implementing new business and marketing plan strategies that increase brand awareness and ROI. Some of the core services offered by The Buck Syndicate include:

  • Business & Marketing Plan Strategy, Development, & Implementation
  • Digital & Real World Project & Event Management
  • Website Design, WordPress Development, ECommerce Services, & Email Marketing
  • Custom Application Development, Content Development, Social Media SEO & PPC
  • Webmaster Tools, Google Apps, Mavenlink, Workflowy, Hosting Solutions, and Server Management

As part of working on your websites, The Buck Syndicate will make sure that the sites we create for you are “Search Engine Friendly” at no additional cost. An Active Search Engine Marketing campaign for your company is a twelve-month plan that actively builds preferential positioning in selected search engines and reports results on an ongoing and timely basis, and is recommended if you would like to to be more easily found in the search engines.

While your website is being built and after it is completed, your website files need to be stored on a server. We can setup the hosting environment for your website and include one year of hosting with any of our development packages. The Buck Syndicate can set up the website hosting environment for all websites related to the business and any other website domains that are redirected to subdomains within the site. Fees may apply for additional years of hosting and a credit card can be set up to handle these recurring annual fees.

We can also setup a Google Analytics account and install the Analytics code on your website. This will allow for you to gather data about the visitors to your website. We can setup a monthly report that will be emailed to you so you can see the top stats about your visitors. To help promote the business online, we can setup the five main Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Plus), and will fill out the profiles with all of your business’s information. We can link all of the accounts up with the blog on your site so you only have to update one location and it will automatically send that information to the other sites. We can also manage the Social Media sites, interacting with visitors and actively updating them to stay up-to-date with fresh content.

We can setup your business’s Google Place Page to help the website show up in the local search results with a map pinpointing your location along with any customer reviews, uploaded photos, and all your pertinent business information so your customers can easily contact you. Besides the Google Place Page, we can also identify industry related blogs, websites and directories on which we can either submit links, press releases, video or the company profile and products.

The Buck Syndicate can provide any of our services on an as needed basis. Our website design and development projects can typically range from $1,500 to $20,000 depending upon the needed amount of templates and required functionality on the site. Typical hourly rate is $125/hour with discounted rates provided for longer term contracts and agencies. Commonly purchased Search Engine Marketing packages range from $250 to $2000 per month. Annual Hosting and Backup packages start at $300. We have worked with multiple start-up businesses to businesses that are making $75-$100 million per year.